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The Mildest Bit You Can Use on Your Mule and Still Achieve Submission.

No Pinch, No Discomfort...Letting The Mule Relax and Be Comfortable, Always! Loose Mouth Feel to Isolate Sides for Lateral Movement of the Head and Neck. Five Different Signals Asking Precisely and Comfortably.

Bits Are Communication Tools! If Your Bit is Sending Confusing Signals or is Causing Discomfort, you need to find out why Myler Bits are the best!

The Myler Combination has helped hundreds achieve the pleasures of a well trained mule.

Now With The New Leather Nose Band

Go Ahead...Ask Us What a Myler Combination Can Do For You and Your Mule

Available Bits:

1) 04-Combo SG - product line available in 5" - $164

-- Different mouth pieces and sizes available in the handmade line.

2) Handmade Z-line - $197

3) Handmade w/ bushing - $215

4) 04 - Mouth Piece - Sweet Iron with Copper Inlay - #1 Selling mule mouth piece in the combination.

5) 33 - Mouth Piece Shank Bit - Sweet Iron with Copper Inlay For the aged, broke, broke mule - $132

6) Colts Starting Trainer product line / Three Ring Combo is $160.00

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