Mula: The Long-eared Hero of the Old Spanish Trail

Mula the long-eared Hero of the Old Spanish Trail
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Why would a most spectacular horse and mule raid take place in California n 1840? Everyone wanted mules. Americans were on the move...headed West and there was no sturdier, more powerful and reliable means of travel than a mule. California mules, along with finely trained Vaquero horses were driven twelve hundred miles up the Old Spanish Trail from Los Angeles to Santa Fe and then seven hundred more miles up the Sante Fe Trail to Independence Missouri. Today, mule people are just as enthusiastic about their mules as they were in the 1800's. Mules are tough, intelligent, easy keepers, always ready to do the job. Meet the men who know the mule's secrets and sing his praises - packers Ross Knox and Graham Goodfield, Tennessee mule traders Rufus and Dickie Reese, Kentucky log-skidder Thomas Summers, Tennessee draft mule man Charlie Reed. 98 minutes.

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